May 26, 2020

Creation of the Rockies Tour -
Creation and Moulding of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are one of the most visited, recognizable and photographed natural areas on earth. Their majestic peaks and scenic valleys are home to some of the planet's most famous tourist vistas and mountain landscape panoramas, as well as some of the world's most famous lakes, rivers and glaciers. These beautiful natural tourist attractions anually draw more than one million people from all around the world to visit, holiday and vacation in Alberta, British Columbia, Banff, Banff National Park and the Bow Valley. How was this staggering mass of rock, that rises thousands of feet above the Western Canadian Prairies, formed? Why do the Canadian Rockies look the way they do? What forces of nature could produce and shape such awesome, picturesque features?

GeoHisotry's Creation of the Rockies sightseeing tour is a must for individuals interested in the natural history of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Designed by a Professional Geologist and historian, this sightseeing tour goes to the Foothills, continues along the Bow Valley past Canmore, Alberta and ends at the Banff townsite in Banff National Park. Along the way, tour participants will see many of the famous mountains of Banff and the Bow Valley, including Cascade Mountain, Tunnel Mountain, Mount Lougheed, Mount Rundle, Grotto Mountain and The Three Sisters. Back in Banff, participants will climb aboard the Sulphur Mountain Gondola for a quick ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain. At the top, high above the Banff townsite, tour particpants will find themselves in the middle of six mountain ranges and experience the awe inspiring panoramic vistas from on top of the world.

During the Creation of the Rockies Tour, participants will not only learn how the Canadian Rockies were created, formed, and molded, but also gain an insight into their importance in the economy of the area, and about the challenges nature faces as human encroachment continues in the Bow Valley and Banff National Park - all while enjoying the world class sightseeing scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. Calgary based tours depart from Calgary at 8:00am and return at 4:00pm. Banff tours depart at 8:30 am and return at 2:30 pm. This Canadian Rockies sightseeing tourist activity is available year round, but is dependent on the weather.


Tour Particulars:
Price: $225 per person (Banff Departure)
Minimum Participation: 4 persons
Departure Point: Banff or Calgary
Availability: Year Round

All transportation, facilities fees and lunch are included.

Contact to book.

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